TRL Software are pleased to announce that a TRANSYT 15.5.2 maintenance release is now available to download. This release includes a few enhancements and fixes, including key changes that are specifically relevant to South America.  We highly recommend that all users update their systems to this new release, to take advantage of the improvements and fixes that it offers.  The download is free to existing TRANSYT 15 maintenance holders.

Please note that files created with earlier versions will take slightly longer than usual to open.  Once re-saved in the new version, this effect should disappear.

The key enhancements changes in this release are as follows:

  • New alternative triangular Platoon Dispersion Model (PDM)
  • Separate triangular PDM default dispersion and acceleration coefficients provided
  • “First time wizard” extended to include Chilean setup values
  • Bus/Tram dispersion coefficients can now be applied to each individual traffic stream
  • Improved OD matrix flow allocation “Lane Balancing” for when relevant “paths” are unconstrained
  • Arm IDs accept longer IDs, to facilitate new TRANSYT export from JUNCTIONS 9
  • User Guide now opens within program with a wider range of PDF readers
  • Various fixes – see release notes for further details