Effective evidence-based approaches to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on our road are essential. iMAAP allows you to store data, and use 40+ years of road safety research to make your roads safer. Its tools for identifying and analysing causes of crashes, and for isolating common features, are sophisticated yet simple enough to use to provide a high level of productivity.

Built on new generation technologies, iMAAP is designed to plug quickly and efficiently into a number of existing client IT environments. Uniform, intuitive and user-friendly screens make it easy to master.

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Unlock Hotspots

Identify hotspots and produce counter-measure reports with iMAAP’s easy to use hotspot feature.

Modern User Interface

iMAAP has an easy-to-use User Interface, accessible via any internet-enabled device. Built with the user in mind, complex tasks are made easy.

Next Level Analysis

iMAAP lets you perform simplified Stick Diagram analysis and custom accident prediction capabilities, built on 40+ years of road safety research.

Everything in One Place

iMAAP has been designed to support cross sector collaboration; from monitoring crash data, to implementing life-saving road safety measures.

Counter-measures Made Simple

iMAAP allows you to establish safety goals based on identified problems, which are measurable, realistic and time specific. You then can plan programmes of counter-measures, associated costs and timelines.

Evaluate with Ease

With iMAAP, you can implement and monitor programmes and to periodically check progress so measures can be modified as required.