Originally designed by TRL during the 1980s, MOVA is installed at about half the UK junctions, with 200-300 installations being added annually. With significant upgrades in MOVA M8, MOVA can cater for the full range of traffic conditions, from very low flows through to a junction that is overloaded.

Used by almost all Authorities who have responsibility for traffic signals, and as a requirement on new signal installations and major refurbishments on trunk roads, having the most up-to-date version of MOVA is vital. MOVA’s user-friendliness and versatility has grown over the years with new releases and new practices and recent work has culminated in the release of MOVA M8 which includes some significant enhancements.

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Control Temporary Lights

As a MOVA licensee, SRL have taken control of MOVA-controlled junctions using their Urban64 temporary system. This has vastly reduced the impact on road users during maintenance, escaping the need to use a less efficient temporary fixed time replacement.

Special Conditioning

Using MOVA special conditioning means that rules can now be edited during validation, avoiding the need to change the controller configuration to add or change the special conditioning.

Site Mimic

In MOVA M8, the mimic diagram is effectively the replacement for MOVA Comm. It provides real time visualisations designed to help the user understand MOVA operation and make MOVA validation easier and quicker than before.

More Bus priority Facilities

Buses can often been done at the expense of other traffic, but not any more with new MOVA M8 enhancements; flexible bus priority facilities allow buses to be given different degrees of priority to better suit the individual circumstances.

Updates Web User Interface

MOVA M8’s updated Web UI allows anyone to quickly connect to MOVA, via a tablet or even a mobile phone, to inspect MOVA operation on site. Engineers can even transfer MOVA data to and from the MOVA Unit on-site via the Web UI.

Increased Flexibility

With the additional facilities, MOVA M8 makes much better use of the underlying MOVA algorithm providing greater flexibility through more options to use in dealing with different situations.