Newly updated SCOOT® 7 software is a real-time method of signal control that puts the road users’ experience front and centre. With the impact on health, and the economic costs of delays, it’s essential to continually strive to maximise efficiency of the highway networks and minimise disruptions caused by incidents and events. With SCOOT® 7 you can now coordinate the operation of traffic signals like never before.

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Pedestrian Priority

Optimise the green man period to the number of pedestrians.

Generalised Recovery

Generalised recovery from LRT or bus priority activity.

Multiple Split Optimisation

Multiple split optimisation allows the optimiser to make larger changes without the compromises


Cooperative signals data to provide road users with information that can help with their journey (if used) including messages suitable for use with GLOSA applications.

Manual Triggering

Manual/external triggering of gating.

Optimise your Network

Modelling link departures to help with optimisation in general, when loops fail and to reduce detection requirements.