Powered by SCOOT 7, our UTC embraces your current technology to enable future mobility. No longer are networks held hostage to expensive UTC systems that lock users in and hide data. Traffic Management is already a complex job, a UTC should work in tune with your needs to simplify the job.

With evolving modes of transport, it is only getting more complex – connected vehicles, cycling, public transport, e-scooters and walking are all part of this multi-modal environment. Our UTC is an open architecture cloud-first model, designed to be flexible and work in the fast evolving open transport management arena. Join the future mobility revolution, without sacrificing your current infrastructure.

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Vendor Agnostic

Connect to any UG405 controller, regardless of vendor. No updates, no rip and replace. Just work with what you have got.

Fully Scalable

Regardless of size, our UTC can scale to fit your needs. Starting from just 5 junctions, you can have full control.

Open Data

Built on our principle of openness, our Open Data Developer Portal allows you to give anyone you want access to your data via APIs.

Future Mobility

Integrate with the latest technologies, including GLOSA. And with updates included in the SaaS model, you will always future-ready.

Lower Costs

With frictionless deployment, independent of any hardware provide, total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced. Our UTC is also on a cloud hosted platform, eliminating maintenance and hosting costs. Availability is guaranteed 24/7.

Modern User Interface

With its modern, intuitive and informative web UI, our UTC gives you everything you need in one place. With easy to read dashboards and graphical displays to visualise your data, our UI can be accessed anywhere and on any device that can run a web browser.