Asset Management

iROADS is a sophisticated asset management and decision making tool for all infrastructure assets, delivering a single solution software tool for asset owners and operators.

iROADS helps to you collect, collate and manage asset information effectively so you can maintain safety and performance standards, keep track of inventories, better understand the impact of maintenance policy options, undertake asset valuation and minimise risk.

TRL has more than 40 years’ experience and expertise helping safeguard and control substantial asset inventories for public sector and commercial transport customers. We understand how your systems have evolved, how to use asset data to inform network management decisions and the challenges of providing one version of the truth.

Our wider capability

Our wider asset and infrastructure management capabilities include specification, data collection, asset management software, implementation, maintenance strategy, quality assurance, audit and training. Working with customers all over the world, we have wide experience of measuring asset performance in various climatic zones and use of marginal materials.

We helped develop the World Bank HDM-4 model for highways. We regularly input data into it and have trained users in many countries to make best use of the analysis capabilities of the tool.

World-class tools, facilities and methodologies

Our proprietary asset management software iROADS is in use around the world. We constantly update and enhance its capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers. Until recently, we used to operate a pavement test facility – which was the only full scale accelerated testing facility in the UK. As a result of research using it, tens of millions of pounds have been saved in the UK through a reduction in maintenance activities. This work also has a positive environmental impact in reducing CO2 output.