Lifecycle Toolkit

The iROADS® Lifecycle Toolkit is designed to help you develop multiple year work programmes. It features powerful lifecycle planning, whole-life costing and multiple forward programming and planning tools.

The key features of the Lifecycle Toolkit include:

  • Definition of multiple forward budget scenarios/plans for evaluation, including fixed budgets and variable budgets, and budgets aimed at achieving a defined level of service over time
  • Multiple year works programming and budgeting
  • Condition projection
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Management of performance-based PPP/PFI contracts
  • Economic prioritisation
  • Whole-life costing
  • Long-term modelling of the impacts (on condition, serviceability, asset value and cost) of alternative budgetary scenarios
  • Forward investment planning and scenario modelling

Lifecycle plans are developed typically over 20 to 30 years and comprise a series of treatment options at time points within that lifecycle. Alternative budgetary scenarios can be modelled, and their impact on the future serviceability, condition, asset valuation and user KPIs evaluated.

Typical budgetary scenarios might include:

  • Zero budget
  • Unlimited budget
  • Budget reductions
  • Existing/historic budgets
  • Increased maintenance over 3-5 years and then maintenance of steady state condition (core investment period)

Budgetary scenario modelling can be used to:

  • develop business cases for investment in the network, to bring about savings in the longer term
  • to demonstrate the impact of budget cuts on whole life cost, network condition, KPIs and risk of failure to strategic decision makers
  • To make a case for the maintenance of existing levels of funding

iROADS allows users’ Highways Asset Management Plans to be implemented and refined and demonstrates that lifecycle planning is delivering real benefits and efficiency savings.

System Requirements:

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