O&M Toolkit

The iROADS® O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Toolkit supports the operation and management of all aspects of the highway network. Highway managers can define any part of the service or inspection. Users can define their own survey regime or process, or can use the pre-configured inspections:

  • Long Stop Condition Inspections (LSCR)
  • Cyclic Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Detailed Inspections
  • Asset Inspections (including street lighting)
  • Routine Maintenance Management
  • Schedule of Rates
  • Works Ordering

System Requirements:

Runs in any web browser

The iROADS O&M Toolkit provides a range of functionality to support to the Operation and Management of a highway network. Highway Authorities have an obligation to maintain public highways to reasonable standards. The current provisions are incorporated in the Highways Act 1980, Section 41 (duty to maintain) and Section 58 (special defence in actions for damages for non-repair). The importance of Section 58 is that it provides the defence “that the Authority had taken such care as in all the circumstances was reasonably required to secure that the part of the highway to which that action related was not dangerous for traffic”. Also as part of their general obligations the Highway Authority must take all such actions and do all such things to ensure that the Highway Network is maintained and operated to a standards that is appropriate for the character of the Network

The requirements and advice for the management of the maintenance of the Highway Network is described in a range of documents:

  • Network Management Manual
  • Routine and Winter Service Code
  • RMMS Document
  • Local Authority Service Plans

Since guidance documentation is not prescriptive, the O&M Toolkit allows the Highway Manager to define any part of the service/inspection. Users can define their own survey regime/process, or can use the pre-configured inspections:

  • Long Stop Condition Requirement (LSCR)
  • Cyclic Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Detailed Inspections
  • Street Lighting Inspections
  • Safety Fence Inspections
  • HAPMS Visual Surveys
  • UKPMS Visual Surveys etc.

The O&M Module offers a cost-effective and highly effective maintenance solution suitable for all types of networks. The interoperability between the modules ensure seamless integration and the data can link to corporate finance or works ordering systems.

Managing your asset

All assets can be defined and managed within the O&M Toolkit by configuring the Asset Attribute, valid Attribute Values, Asset Components and condition and overall condition of the asset. This has been successfully utilised by clients who wish to componentise the asset for evaluation purposes, by defining;

  • Valid XSP’s for Network,
  • Valid XSP’s for Feature
  • Asset and their Attributes
  • Asset Condition Values,
  • Inspection Activities
  • Inspection Frequencies
  • Survey Extents
  • Survey Routes etc.

All the information is available in reports which can be submitted for audit purposes and ensure the network can be efficiently managed.

The O&M Module can be used with iCAPTURE on-site software facilitating mobile working and automates the allocation and monitoring of inspections using inspection routes. By creating the routes, the map surveys can be optimised including ad-hoc inspections, minimising overall workload on staff and operatives. Using a standard GPS, the defects and inspections are placed on the map, and also linked to the Section and XSP if required.


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