PFI Toolkit

The iROADS®  PFI module is designed to assist in the production of performance milestone-based reports for the management of performance-based PPP/PFI contracts.

The iROADS PFI module helps the service provider and road agencies to upload the Network data (Carriageway and Footway), Condition data (SCRIM, SCANNER, DVI and more) and produce standard performance milestone-based reports as per the PPP/PFI contractual requirements.

The key features of the iROADS PFI module include;

  • Management of performance-based PPP/PFI contracts
  • Create and manage milestone years
  • Import network and condition data using pre-defined templates
  • Automated validation routines to validate the data while importing
  • Calculation of SCRIM SSCI, Carriageway Condition Index, Carriageway Skid Risk Score, Structural Index, Footway Condition Index and Deflection Condition Index values for reporting purposes.
  • Ability to store, track and trace the data import history and outputs
  • Ability to share the results with service providers, road agencies and other contractors etc.

System Requirements:

Runs in any web browser


The benefits of using the iROADS PFI module include:

  • Uses data commonly available
  • Automatic application of business logic
  • Accurate reporting of the performance of the network
  • Streamline personnel time with increased efficiency
  • Provides an auditable record of works

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