New features in TRANSYT 15.5

This latest version offers an extensive mix of modelling, user-interface, reporting, and data handling enhancements.


Modelling Improvements

  • Automatic network structure minimisation used to speed up optimisation
  • Tool to auto-calculate pedestrian conflicts from network diagram
  • Tool to auto-calculate pedestrian intergreens from a scaled network diagram
  • Reducing cycle times is less likely to result in invalid initial timings
  • Option to set cell saturation flow values automatically
  • Minimum saturation flow value reduced to 50 PCU/hr
  • Option to rotate all signal timings, in order to retain the same master controller offset after optimisation

Data Handling Improvements

  • Saving of results for all analysis sets within one file
  • Run all data sets in one go (Evaluation or optimised) using ‘run button’ drop-downs
  • Red/green colour-coded tracking of up-to-date and out-of-date results
  • Analysis and Demand sets can be colour-coded to assist in keeping track of categories of sets or match up related demand sets
  • Main menu right-click options allow analysis/demand sets to be added or removed
  • User-selectable sharing of data items between data sets
  • Local OD Matrix can use flows from another local OD Matrix
  • OD Matrices grids now only show locations associated with the currently displayed traffic type making them smaller and easier to use
  • Ability to update multiples of same data item in one go, using a Data Grid.
  • Simplified dispersion coefficient data-entry
  • Import of SCATS volume flows from 48-detector files

Lane-flow Diagram “Flow Overlays”

  • Show demand, achieved flow, or lost flow
  • Filter by origin and/or destination, by OD matrix or by OD Location

Network representation/diagram Redesigned to Improve ease-of-use

  • Stop-lines improved
  • Auto-set lane arrows, based on estimated traffic turning movements
  • Quickly show results on background without network structure
  • Easier manipulation of backgrounds
  • Option to suppress bend points (default is on) to speed up network creation
  • Easier to use right-click ‘control type’ selection
  • Existing collections can now have items added to them, via the right-click menu
  • Second phases can now be specified using the traffic stream right-click menu
  • Connectors now have direction arrows
  • Improved scaling of overlays of pedestrian and vehicle flows
  • Option to hide toolbars
  • Quick flares now more visible
  • Orange highlighting now easier to see when zoomed out
  • Most network overlays now have a full key

General Graphical Interface Improvements

  • Ability to take any window outside of the main window by double-clicking on its header
  • Fully labelled toolbars for ease-of-use
  • Improved layout of special data-entry screens (e.g. Main Data)
  • Multiple data editor windows can be open at the same time
  • Freezing of data editor/data grid contents using new fourth-level padlock, allowing you to compare before and after results
  • Stored window layouts now work with multiple monitors
  • Size of the underlying structure (path segments) of a traffic stream network now reported in bottom right-hand corner of the main screen
  • New “Sync” button (see main menu) forces data grid to display data related to currently selected data item
  • New “Fast mode” (see “Data” Menu) increases GUI responsiveness when working with large networks
  • Copy and pasting of part sections of any data grid now allowed
  • Improved quality of copy and pasted graphics (including option to define image resolution)
  • New “Exhaustive data outline” option (Default is off) hides non-essential items unless they already exist in the file
  • Use of new default OD Matrix settings ensures the use of traffic nodes is optional
  • Enhancements to Audit Trail facility
  • Task List has wrapping text descriptions to make long messages easier to read

Other Diagram Improvements

  • New “phase diagram” option in stage sequence diagram
  • Layout and available options for stage sequence diagram improved generally
  • Additional options in stage sequence diagram to select alternative sequences and to set the currently displayed sequence as active
  • Option to hide banned stage transition diagram in stage sequence diagram
  • Multiple cycling shown differently
  • Intergreen matrix banded stage changes more logically
  • New option to rotate time distance diagrams by 90 or 180 degrees to match your most familiar orientation

Reporting Improvements

  • Enhanced file comparison that allows comparisons between separate files and also within the same file, e.g. between different data sets
  • Vertical toolbar “Results” button to speed access to most important summaries
  • Rows of tables containing the same data are collapsed down to a single “All” row, and hence reduces the length of reports
  • Signal timing penalties now reported as part of the controller results
  • Enhanced cyclic flow profile (CFP) and analyser graphs
  • Both CFP and Traffic graphs can be added to reports in either single or double column format
  • Wide-Area Matrix tables now available in the HTML report
  • New option to suppress pedestrian tables
  • Local matrices’ general settings now in HTML report
  • Minor Final Prediction Table improvements

Customers with a valid TRANSYT 15 maintenance agreement can download TRANSYT 15.5 at no cost.  Simply email[email protected] with your details and the team will be in contact with your download code. New customers and those with older versions of TRANSYT are welcome to contact us to request a price quote to obtain the latest version.