iMAAP Fatals

TRL Software’s in-depth collision investigation platform

iMAAP Fatals Database is a secure and bespoke in-depth collision investigation platform which supports a safe systems-based approach to road safety analysis. The structure of the database has been designed taking into consideration over 30 years of in-depth international collision research, as well as on-going in-depth collision research for the Department for Transport (DfT), Highways England and Transport for London (TfL).

Why iMAAP Fatals?

The iMAAP Fatals platform, and the investigations conducted by the Collision Research Team at TRL, can add substantial value to other data sources such as STATS19. This data capture tool will enable road safety professionals to conduct detailed, in-depth investigations into fatal road traffic collisions. This form of investigation aids the identification of root causes of collisions by utilising a safe systems approach, and ultimately enables provision of actionable safety intelligence.

The Collision Research Team regularly attend live road traffic collisions alongside the emergency services. They have vast experience and knowledge in the field of in-depth collision investigation research. The team approach a collision differently to law enforcement, as their objective is to identify the root cause of the collision, not assign blame.

In order to fully understand the root cause of the collision and to identify actionable safety intelligence, the database records almost 300 fields about a variety of key factors, such as:

  • Collision environment
  • Involved vehicles
  • Occupants
  • Vehicle movement and interaction of vehicles
  • Causation factors
  • Countermeasures

This structure supports safety analysis, allows continued use in future projects with a different focus and is compatible with other in-depth collision programmes in the UK, including the Road Accident In-Depth Studies (RAIDS) programme – the UK’s in-depth collision research programme funded by the DfT. This data has previously been used to improve road safety and has been analysed as part of many research projects including the General Safety Regulation Review which supported the development and finalisation of secondary safety type approval legislation for vehicle safety measures.

In addition to this database, other TRL in-depth collision research capabilities include the Investigations team who have a vast range of knowledge ranging from heavy vehicle vision assessments, Event Data Recorder (EDR) downloads to collision investigation training.

Key features of iMAAP Fatals:

  • High-performance, secure web-application fully supported by road safety specialists
  • In-depth collision coding database system
  • True multi-user, role-based access
  • Linkage to a variety of database platforms, such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Full audit trail on all functions
  • Enhanced security protocols and standards
  • Also available in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode
  • Compatible with any latest web browser, Android/iOS Tablets