MOVA Downloads

The following MOVA tools and MOVA documents are available for download.

MOVA Documents

Application Guide 44 – MOVA Traffic Control Manual, Issue E, December 2017
AG 44 is the MOVA Traffic Control Manual and is now at Issue E. This document provides an overview of how to set up a MOVA site, explains the principles of MOVA signalised junction control, and includes information on locating and installing detectors. AG 44 covers all versions of MOVA up to and including MOVA 8.0

Download AG44

Application Guide 45 – Guide to MOVA Data Set-Up and Use, Issue G, December 2017
AG 45 explains the data needed to configure MOVA for control of a particular junction, and the use, operation, and checking and commissioning of the equipment. Now at Issue E, it includes guides on the use of the data configuration program, the new MOVA Tools, and the terminal communication program, MOVA Comm. It also provides a number of examples of how to configure and use MOVA. AG 45 covers all versions of MOVA up to and including M8.0

Download AG45

The important parts of the Guide are incorporated into MOVA Tools in the form of pdfs. MOVA Tools and MOVA Comm can be downloaded below.

For information on specific manufacturer implementations of MOVA and equipment maintenance enquiries, please contact the manufacturers directly:

Current Version: M8.0.1

System Requirements:

MOVA is a traffic signal control system that uses detectors and signal controllers. Please contact us for further information.

Product Information Sheet

MOVA Tools and Utilities

MOVA Tools

MOVA Tools is the latest version of TRL’s MOVA data configuration program, previously known as MOVA Setup. The program allows the user to create and edit MOVA dataset files for all versions of MOVA from M2.9 to M7.x. The creation process takes the user step-by-step through the data required to configure a MOVA site. The program also allows datasets to be converted for use with different versions of MOVA.

Download MOVA Tools


MOVA Comm M7.1 is the latest version of TRL’s MOVA terminal communication program. The program allows the user to monitor MOVA, upload and download configuration data, check for errors and collect flow and occupancy statistics. Connections to MOVA units on-street can be made both locally using a serial link, and remotely over a phone-line.

New features of MOVA Comm M7.1 include:

  • Modular MOVA message windows enable greater flexibility and usability on smaller displays
  • Compatibility with MOVA 7.0 release
  • Compatibility with PCMOVA 2.0 release
Download MOVA Comm