Average 20% reduction in CO2

Average 20% reduction in stops and delays

£90,000 annual user benefit per node

Data driven decisions using your SCOOT data

“We will invest £15 million in 2021/22 to help address the backlog in traffic signal maintenance to improve traffic flow and reduce emissions”

DfT’s Decarbonising Transport Plan – Summary of Commitments.

As part of this year’s Highway Maintenance settlement for English local authorities outside of London, the Department for Transport has announced a £15 million allocation specifically to supplement existing local authority spending on the upgrade and maintenance of traffic signals and associated equipment. Supporting multiple successful applications, TRL Software is uniquely placed to support Local Authorities in improving traffic flow, reducing emissions and ensuring accessibility for safe, clean and efficient mobility through our UTC, Powered by SCOOT® 7.

“This is a unique opportunity for councils to apply for funding which will enable them to upgrade their traffic signals. All authorities are striving to improve road safety and reduce collisions so having designated funding which can help them make improvements to technology that helps deliver these outcomes is most welcome.”

LCRIG’s Chief Executive, Martin Duffy 

Vendor Agnostic

Just like our open approach to data, we have the same approach to hardware. Our vendor agnostic UTC enables a Local Authority to use any UG405 compliant controller. With the ability to mix and match any UG405 compliant OTU you have the choice to use the best equipment available, regardless of vendor.

Reduce Emissions

In line with ambitious net zero targets, UTC is here to reduce emissions on your network. Whether this is through reducing stop times, or enabling bus and pedestrian priority, UTC, Powered by SCOOT® 7 will support emission targets. Read more about the road to decarbonising transport.

Future Proofing, Today

Future mobility is more than just decarbonisation. It’s about using technology to deliver cleaner, safer, more efficient and usable multi-modal transport networks. As the connected future of tomorrow gradually shifts into today, TRL Software are leading the conversation, delivering a clear road map.

Fully Scalable

We know change isn’t easy, but our SCOOT UTC can integrate seamlessly with your strategic network allowing you to scale up one junction at a time. Adaptable to your needs, our UTC can grow with you and the needs of your multi-modal network.

Open Data

Open access to live SCOOT data via APIs, enabling third parties to develop apps or provide research, having a genuine impact on the community. It’s all part of the journey towards Smarter Cities. Read more about our digitisation strategy.

Reduce Total Cost

With frictionless deployment, independent of any hardware provide, total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced. Our UTC is also on a cloud hosted platform, eliminating maintenance and hosting costs. Availability is guaranteed 24/7.