TRL is renowned for developing TRANSYT, its internationally recognised simulation and modelling tool for optimising and coordinating signal timings over a network.

Now from TRL Software comes TRANSYT Online and OEM Adaptive Control software, with Open API’s to work with all local signal controllers. *

Thanks to the Dutch Municipality of Deventer and Provence Overijssel who have co-funded a pilot programme in Deventer, a new product TRANSYT Online is available to engineers across the world. TRANSYT Online extends TRANSYT’s functionality and allows optimised Signal Plans to be sent directly to on-street controllers, allowing frequent retiming without the need to go out on the street in response to events.

TRANSYT Online hosts a range of features:

  • Regular scheduled signal optimisation
  • Regular updates to on-street timing plan changes
  • Import current live flow data into TRANSYT network
  • Reporting of traffic flow versus Signal optimisations / Cycle Time
  • Default logic for faulty detectors
  • Supports short term prediction modules
  • Historic flow data stored for trend analysis
  • Automatic, timetabled and manual plan deployment
  • Full Audit Log
  • Web based interface designed for operators
  • Quick and simple timing deployment
  • Compatible with multiple detectors and controllers
  • User Interface shows CCTV/camera/video images (stills or video)

* subject to functionality in the controllers and development to the TRANYST Online API’s.

Current Version: 2.1.4

System Requirements:

Windows Server 2012 R2

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