Upgrading Traffic Signals

Creating clean and efficient transport that is safe, reliable and accessible for everyone.

Upgrade my Signals

Prepare for Future Technology

Whilst the world started with a Big Bang, future mobility won’t. It will be a series of steps as the technology around us matures. Much of the technology on our roads right now has the potential to embrace future mobility, all it needs is the right “brain”? Using existing SCOOT® loop technology, TRL Software’s UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7® includes a host of new features that further improve the well-established versatility and applicability of SCOOT®. As part of our UTC, SCOOT® also embraces new detection technology to encapsulate all your traffic management needs in one.

SCOOT® is the subject of a commitment to continuous development so that future requirements will always be front of mind. The developments are designed and developed by SCOOT® experts, with unparalleled knowledge of the SCOOT® kernel and algorithms. As part of the TRL group of companies, we are also involved in key aspects of future mobility to make the best use of new and emerging technological solutions to future transport issues.

Link to Wider Target

Road Authorities are under mounting pressure from wider targets not only to support transport growth and the innovation agenda, but also to improve air quality and reduce emissions and support active travel. Built on the needs of Local Authorities, SCOOT® UTC links to these wider targets.

Do More with Funding

With an open approach to hardware, a Local Authority can use any UG405 compliant controller. This enables the ability to mix and match rather than just replacing like-for-like, allowing the Authority to choose the most cost-effective option that works for the network.

Greener Traffic Signals

Through improving traffic flow, SCOOT® UTC starts to ease congestion and reduce CO2 as well as the more harmful emissions by an average of up to 8%. Authorities can also implement manual gating to reduce traffic volumes in a region if unacceptably poor air quality levels have been detected.

Needs and Priorities

The 2018 Local Transport Data Discovery presented findings and recommendations from the local transport data discovery project undertaken by North Highland consultants. In the report, it recognised that accessible and transparent transport data is not only critical to help maintain and enhance the effective delivery of services but is also a key government priority.

There were 280.5 billion vehicle miles driven on Great Britain’s roads in 2020. All those miles are constantly generating data from a multitude of sources, and it is only when the data is opened up, we can see the true potential. TRL Software’s UTC, Powered by SCOOT® 7 is built for future needs particularly surrounding the provision and use of data. Not only does it incorporate external data sources, SCOOT® UTC has an Open Data Portal, by which applications can access the data generated by and used by SCOOT® via a fully documented API.

No Matter your Size

We know change isn’t easy, but our SCOOT® UTC can integrate seamlessly with your strategic network allowing you to scale up one junction at a time. As a world leading Adaptive Traffic Control System, SCOOT® UTC can be tailored to your network, regardless of size. Whether you are a small Local Authority needing to run a few junctions, or a large Local Authority with hundreds of junctions, SCOOT® UTC is fully scalable and able to grow with your network.

“…We’ve got limited budgets and resource, so we need to make the most of what we got and exploit the assets, which all links back to UTC and utilising data within the UTC database…”

Hannah Tune, Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Transport for Greater Manchester