This TRANSYT upgrade course covers the new features of TRANSYT 15 such as the modelling multiple cycle times, advances made in pedestrian modelling, automatic data entry advances and the ability to present network results visually in three dimensions.

This comprehensive one-day TRANSYT 15 training course is aimed at existing users of TRANSYT who would like to learn about the new version of the software and the new features it offers.  We will present in detail the essentials of how to use the new software and will include extensive hands-on sessions. The course is ideal for both those who are planning to upgrade from TRANSYT 14 and for those who will have already done so.   It lets you get back working at maximum efficiency with TRANSYT, saving you days of your time back in the office.

Because of the wealth and depth of improvements over the years to TRANSYT in terms of both its modelling capabilities and its user interface enhancements we recommend that existing users of TRANSYT 12 (in particular) and to a lesser extent TRANSYT 13, should attend the two-day foundation course rather than the one-day upgrade course.  The wider coverage of this course makes it more suited to those who are unfamiliar with the product’s enhanced user interface and those modelling features first introduced in TRANSYT 14.

The course content includes a mix of presentations from TRL staff, demonstrations and extensive exercises including the following:

  • New graphical interface features, including modelling in 3D
  • Building a network model (from scratch) using the Network Diagram
  • Use of different cycle times within the same network
  • Using the new timing wheel function within the network diagram to make quick timing changes
  • Use of automatic data entry including traffic stream lengths as well as the specification of intergreens
  • Modelling priority crossroads in TRANSYT using the PICADY geometric equations
  • Automatic selection of the correct traffic model for flared approaches
  • Advances to pedestrian modelling in TRANSYT
  • Speed enhancements to the optimisation process
  • Model audit-trail production
  • Enhancements to the report generator

All important changes to TRANSYT 15 since TRANSYT 14 are covered to a lesser or greater extent by this course. The very latest version of TRANSYT 15 is used throughout the course.

Please note: If you would prefer to attend a two-day UPGRADE course which would be specifically designed for those upgrading from TRANSYT 12/13 to TRANSYT 15, please contact TRL Software to discuss, as this type of course will be run providing sufficient demand is evident.

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