MOVA 8 Upgrade Course

NOTE: Courses currently alternate between on-line and in-person

MOVA M8 represents a significant advancement over previous versions with special conditioning and a new communications interface together with a Web User Interface and additional bus priority options.

The MOVA 8 Upgrade course focusses on the use of MOVA Tools initially to ensure users are familiar with the base application before going on into detailed use of the new MOVA M8 features.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Using MOVA Tools 3 and the simulation
  • The new communications method and the mimic screen
  • Bus priority in MOVA M8
  • Link based PFACIL codes
  • Comprehensive coverage of the special conditioning with several examples
  • The Web User Interface

Other additions:

  • Premature end-sat decisions
  • Re-establishment of saturation flow
  • Use of additional sink detectors
  • Use of the link maximum

This course aims to cover MOVA M8 operation, and is accompanied by comprehensive notes for you to keep.  Familiarity with MOVA in general as well as basic traffic engineering terms and ideas is assumed.  Attendance at the MOVA Engineers’ Course is recommended prior to attendance on this course.

In-person (aka face-to-face) courses include lunch and refreshments.

Please note that for in-person courses we request that attendees bring their own laptop. Please let us know if there are difficulties with that. Secondary monitors are provided by TRL at the venue to enhance the product experience.  Time-limited product licences will also be provided where needed.

Scheduled Dates for this Course

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