MOVA Engineers’ Course

NOTE: Courses currently alternate between on-line and in-person

The course is suitable for beginners, although familiarity with basic traffic engineering terms and ideas is assumed.  Experienced users can also benefit, since it provides an opportunity to try out new features in the software. Some advanced topics are also covered towards the end of the course.

The two-day MOVA Engineers’ course is a mixture of practical and theory and delves into much of the detail on how to design, commission and validate a MOVA controlled junction.

Exercises include the measurement of saturation flow and speed, and use of MOVA Comm and MOVA Tools.

There is much detailed explanation of how to configure MOVA – links and lanes are described as are detector location, shapes and numbering; how to deal with right-turning traffic, short lanes, bus priority, linked MOVA, MOVA M8 (latest version) controller specification, commissioning, validation, Compact MOVA, SDCODE configuration, use of MOVA Tools, MOVA Comm and a full explanation of MOVA messages. Use with PCMOVA is also considered.

All in all this is a very detailed course aimed at covering virtually every aspect of MOVA operation, and is accompanied by very comprehensive notes for you to keep.

In-person (aka face-to-face) courses include lunch and refreshments.

Please note that for in-person courses we request that attendees bring their own laptop. Please let us know if there are difficulties with that. Secondary monitors are provided by TRL at the venue to enhance the product experience.  Time-limited product licences will also be provided where needed.

Scheduled Dates for this Course

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