SCOOT Course

The objective of the course is to help traffic engineers and technicians to understand and apply SCOOT and to supplement the information given in the SCOOT literature. The course is aimed at candidates who have, or will have, a direct involvement in the implementation and operation of SCOOT.

You will learn:

  • The SCOOT Method: Vehicle detection; The traffic model; Optimisation
  • Setting Up a SCOOT: System; Detector siting; Model validation; Preparation of data
  • Getting the Best Out of SCOOT: SCOOT output; Customising SCOOT; Congestion management
  • SCOOT Facilities: Bus priority; ASTRID; INGRID; Historic Profiles; Gating; Emission Estimates
  • Current Research: Recent SCOOT versions; Future developments
  • Exercises: Setting up SCOOT data; Detector siting; Validation

Scheduled Dates for this Course

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