TRANSYT 15 Two-day Upgrade Course


TRL are delighted to be able to provide this new course specifically designed for individuals or organisations upgrading to TRANSYT 15, but who are already familiar with either TRANSYT 12 or TRANSYT 13.  It covers all the key differences between these versions, going into more detail than can be covered in our one-day upgrade course.

This two-day TRANSYT 15 course is aimed at those involved in the design and operation of traffic management and control. It is also suitable to anyone evaluating designs of individual or linked traffic signals and fully or partially signalled networks, such as those at signalised roundabouts. The aim of the course is to provide delegates, already familiar with older versions of TRANSYT, with a grounding in how to use TRANSYT 15 by explaining all of the main features of the program through a sensible mix of presentations, demonstrations and practical sessions. Key differences between versions will be pointed out and explained throughout the course.

The course is suitable for those already familiar with either TRANSYT 12, TRANSYT 13 or relatively unfamiliar with TRANSYT 14. Familiarity with basic traffic engineering terms and ideas is also assumed. Experienced users can also benefit from the course, since they provide an opportunity to try out new features in the software.

The course uses the very latest release of TRANSYT 15 and explains the use of the latest graphical interface and network diagram facility as well as all key modelling features.

The course content includes a mix of presentations (from experienced TRL staff), demonstrations and exercises including, but not limited to, the following:

  • ‘Using TRANSYT’ overview
  • New graphical interface features
  • Building a network model (from scratch) using the Network Diagram
  • Use of different cycle times within the same file/network
  • Using timing wheels within the network diagram to make quick timing changes
  • Use of automatic data entry, including traffic stream lengths and intergreen calculations
  • Explanation of all of TRANSYT’s traffic models
  • Signalled junctions: signalled give-ways, opposed right-turn movements, flares, indirect traffic control and mutual opposition situations
  • Priority Control, including use of PICADY and ARCADY priority objects
  • Pedestrian modelling, including the new empirically-derived walk-on-red model
  • Signal Optimisation
  • Detailed Interpretation of main output and results
  • Interpretation of new graph types
  • Audit-trail tools
  • Practical sessions

All important changes to TRANSYT 15 since TRANSYT 12 are covered to a lesser or greater extent by this course. The very latest version of TRANSYT 15 is used throughout the course.

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