Better Together: Collaborative Working with the Alan Turing Institute


Webinar and Q&A

Wednesday 31st March, 12:30pm

In this webinar, our Chief Technologist, Christopher Kettell talks about our partnership with the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, the Alan Turing Institute, the Turing Intern Network (TIN) and our current R&D work on traffic control. TRL Software is constantly involved with research, most of which leads to the development of innovative software solutions, covering transport issues at all scales both in the UK and internationally. It forms the basis of our tag line – Delivering Transport Science through Software. We continue to invest in producing disruptive research and delivering innovation linked to:

  •     Connected & self-driving vehicles
  •     Ultra-low emission technologies
  •     Shared mobility services
  •     Intelligent asset information
  •     Big data, machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Working with ATI, we believe data science and artificial intelligence will change the world. We are pioneers; training the next generation of leaders, shaping the public conversation, and pushing the boundaries of these sciences for the public good. Join Chris as he discusses our latest research project, and the real-life implications it will have.

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