Part 2: Exploratory Data Analysis and When Things Get Interesting


Webinar and Q&A

Tuesday 30th March, 12:30pm

Open data is key to our UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7.  We have talked a lot about open data and how we see data is the key to unlocking future mobility. However, just having that data isn’t enough; it needs to be in the hands of the right people. Christopher Kettell, our Chief Technologist, is here to talk about data. Actually, he’s not here to just talk about data; he is here to show you what you can do with it. Whether you are a Local authority, Academic, Citizen Scientist or just curious, join us as we explore exactly what you can do with data.

In this webinar, Christopher doesn’t just talk about “big data”, “smart cities” or “disruptive innovation” for the sake of it, but will demonstrate a real exploratory data analysis exercise undertaken as part of the Opening Local Authority Transport Data, a DfT funded project. Presented as a non-technical overview of the existing, new and novel data products used, Christopher will talk through the application of and use cases arising from the open data, building on part one from December 2020.


Chief Technologist