Getting to Smarter Cities:

Culture, Innovation, Disruption.

Tuesday 30th June, 2020

12:30 PM BST

Webinar and Q&A

TRL Software’s Christopher Kettell and Mike Guerin want you to join us as we discuss the journey towards Smarter Cities, and how we are going to help your network evolve alongside future mobility. ​​​​​​​We aren’t here to shout about what we are going to do, telling you it’s a game changer. We are here to get on with it and show you.

Innovation is hard, and rarely a straight road to success. More often, it’s a story with bumps in the road – failures, defeats and set backs. To fully embrace innovation, we need to embrace the journey and step away from our comfort zone, collaborating with those around us every step of the way as we all move together towards a shared goal. At TRL Software, our goal is to take as many people as possible on the journey of innovation, so we can all work together to make our roads safer, cleaner, liveable and efficient. This journey is a process, and involves working with what we have now and building on what is good.