iROADS: Unlocking New Insights by Connecting Datasets with Ontologies


Consolidating data enables you to unlock new insights. iROADS enables the use of ontologies to connect and combine data from multiple sources, creating a new understanding of your assets. Join us for this hands-on session showcasing this innovative feature in iROADS, supporting the management of common ontologies and modern data structures

As a method of structuring knowledge, ontologies provide a consistent and machine-readable framework for organising asset data. Unlocking the potential of this data, it enables increased effectiveness and a key enabler for the move towards real digital twins. Using iROADS, we will demonstrate pivotal use cases involving the linking of data from external sources such as BIM models and online maps, via ontologies.


This webinar will be hosted by John Proust, a Principal Asset Management Consultant at TRL. John has worked with several best-in-class asset management systems for many years, building a deep expertise of these systems and the datasets involved in highways asset management. John has also led work on developing a European-level ontology for highways asset management, and the implementation of this ontology for practical use cases connecting BIM and GIS.

Also joining John will be Subu Kamal, Head of Product Management at TRL Software. Subu is highly experienced in re-platforming closed legacy products into cloud native, open platforms though agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. Leading the the transformation of TRL’s UTC and iMAAP, Subu was instrumental in delivering the capabilities necessary for future-enabled mobility.