Urban Traffic Control

Putting the User Back in Charge

As networks become busier and more diverse, controlling it has never been harder. Until now.

Please note, this webinar was live Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Can an Open Data agenda and a modern, usable UI transform your network? Let TRL Software show you how.

SCOOT remains the cornerstone of many cities traffic signals network. For over 40 years, SCOOT has helped optimise traffic flows in some of the worlds busiest cities. The power of SCOOT has always been in the algorithm and its ability to adapt quickly to conditions on the road. With the advent of Connected Autonomous Vehicles, data lakes and smart cities, imagine how powerful a SCOOT system would be with a modern, usable User Interface. Add to that an open agenda, for data imports and exports and you have a massively increased ability to oversee and optimise your network.

In this Webinar, TRL Software’ Head of Sales and Marketing will run through a live demo of TRL’s new Urban Traffic Control system.

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