Intelligent Traffic Control

As the world becomes more populated, more complex and more connected, we’re determined to stay ahead of the challenges facing the transport industry. Our mission is to ensure that the road network remains efficient, embracing future traffic demand, technologies and infrastructure.

Our research into real time adaptive traffic control systems began in the early 1970s, and hasn’t stopped since! All our research and knowledge has been built into UTC, Powered by SCOOT® 7. As well as reducing network costs by up to 70%, SCOOT UTC orchestrates the flow of traffic now whilst still enabling future mobility and multi-modal transport.

Find out more about our UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7 here, as well our other products; SCOOT and MOVA. You can also learn about our vision for the Digitisation of Transport, and how UTC fits into that.

Digital Asset Management

iROADS helps you look after the road network so that people’s journeys are safer, cleaner and more reliable. A sophisticated asset management and decision-making platform for all infrastructure assets, delivering a single, extensible solution for asset owners and operators. Recent enhancements, including the introduction of digital twins, open ontology and new data sets through partnerships means that iROADS is ready to bring you next generation asset management.

iROADS is made up of multiple modules, including the Climate Change and Disaster Management Toolkit and External Data Sources, Find out more about our digital asset management offering here.

Road Safety

It’s now time to accept new technologies and innovation as the game changers we need to move towards Vision Zero. In order to embrace the new approaches to road safety and develop effective, evidence-based approaches to reduce the problem of road injuries, crash data sets are vital. iMAAP provides the latest techniques in crash data storage, analysis and reporting. Its tools for identifying and analysing causes of crashes, and for isolating common features, are sophisticated yet simple enough to use to provide a high level of productivity. Find out more about iMAAP or our mission to achieve Safer Roads for All.

Junctions & Signal Design

TRL’s traffic design software packages are some of the most commonly used in the world, underpinning a variety of assessment and modelling work in over 110 countries including; India, America and Australia. Based on over three decades of research and development, Junctions 10 is used to model and predict capacity, queues and delays at roundabouts, priority intersections and isolated (uncoordinated), traffic signal-controlled junctions. At signalled junctions it can evaluate a set of known signal timings and can optionally optimise stage lengths and cycle times to minimise delay. Most recently, the performance of simple adaptive traffic signals can also be evaluated.

The integration of priority intersection, roundabout and signal modelling capability means you can switch a junction between priority and signalised options and compare the results within one package and you can also evaluate the impact of a signalled junction on an adjacent signalled junction and vice versa. Find out more about Junctions 10, and our other products including TRANSYT and PCMOVA.