Urban Traffic Control (UTC)

Powered by SCOOT® 7

Maximise the potential of your road network.

Successfully managing the road network is getting tougher than ever. As the volume of traffic continues to grow, so does the type of traffic we are seeing on our roads. The effect of traffic congestion is an ever increasing problem for towns and cities, which is where UTC steps in.

What is UTC, Powered by SCOOT®?

UTC, or Urban Traffic Control, Powered by SCOOT® 7 is a specialist form of traffic management that, by coordinating traffic signals in a centralised location, minimises the impact of stop times on the road user. Integrating and coordinating traffic signal controls over a wide area allows great control of the traffic flow. SCOOT® UTC is continually managing the road network, making small and unnoticeable changes to the green splits and cycle time in each cycle.

Trends in Traffic Management

Traffic Management is already a complex job. To make it even harder, the way we move around is constantly evolving. Because of changing demographics and modern technology, ways to navigate the road network are constantly being created and refined. As shared mobility increases, the need for car ownership and parking requirements lessens. As electric cars, buses and bikes become more common, so too does the need for the right infrastructure to support it. These developing modes of transport and technologies are creating cleaner and safer ways for people to move around, but they are also moving the focus away from the cars alone. Traffic Management now needs to keep up with the evolving landscape and help promote safe, clean, affordable and efficient living.

Powered by SCOOT® 7. Find out more here.

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Further Information

Scale to your Network

Fully Scalable

Our UTC is an Adaptive Signal Control strategy that can be tailored to your network. Whether you are a small Local Authority needing to run a few junctions, or a large Local Authority with hundreds of junctions. Our UTC is fully scalable, able to grow with your network not just size, but also with the increasing levels of pedestrian and cyclists.

Control your Own Data

Open Access

Our open access principle allows Traffic Engineers detailed insights into how people on their network move around. This allows greater precision control over traffic flows. All data used and generated by SCOOT® is available via structured APIs. Key stakeholders will be able to use this data to develop app that will truly benefit those on their network.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Reduced TCO

With frictionless deployment, independent of any hardware providers, total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced. Our UTC is also on a cloud hosted platform therefore eliminating maintenance and hosting costs. Availability is guaranteed 24/7, and the user has rapid access from anywhere with any internet enabled device.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. However, ensuring road users have safe, comfortable and efficient journeys is a hugely complex feat of management. Junctions, roundabouts and crossings must be designed to optimise flows of vehicles and people, and traffic signals must respond in real-time to congestion.

At TRL Software, we provide the power to optimise travel today; but also a roadmap for a smarter mobility future. As cities become more crowded, and modes of transport proliferate, we are harnessing new technologies to help re-engineer infrastructure to meet changing needs.

Our ‘open data’ principle integrates new connected devices and control systems – not just our own – as they are developed, generating more detailed insights into how people move around, and greater precision control over traffic flows.

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