Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation

Controlling traffic signals at isolated junctions

PCMOVA is the implementation of MOVA within a PC environment that allows connection to microscopic simulation models.

PCMOVA 3 Features list:

  • Incorporates MOVA Kernel M7.0 and M8.0 and a mix of M7 and M8 is possible within the same model.
  • PCMOVA and PC SCOOT (from Siemens) can now be emulated in the same model environment.
  • PCMOVA 3 can only be used with VISSIM microsimulation models currently. It is planned to develop a version that can be used with Paramics Discovery in the future. (If S-Paramics support is required we can still supply PCMOVA 2)
  • Allows signals to be linked between junctions in a similar way to that used on site and implements queue detection. MOVA M8 special conditioning can be used to fully emulate on-site controller special conditioning.
  • Signal controller emulator for the translation of stages into phases (or signal groups) for VISSIM
  • Simple pedestrian model enables realistic calling of pedestrian phases without the need to specify pedestrian modelling in the microsimulation
  • Connection settings can be saved and (re)loaded
  • Supports multiple MOVA-controlled junctions running simultaneously
  • Support for microsimulation speeds in excess of real-time
  • Support for user communications with MOVA Kernel via MOVA Tools (for M8.0) or MOVA Comm (for earlier MOVA kernel versions)
  • Compatible with the multi-run feature in VISSIM
  • Log-to-file facility for MOVA Kernel errors and stage changes

Current Version: 3.0.1

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later, 32 or 64-bit
VISSIM 5.40 to VISSIM 10 (32 or 64-bit)

S-Paramics version 2014.1 is supported with PCMOVA 2

(Please check with TRL or Systra / PTV regarding support for other versions of the respective micro-simulation packages)

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£2,595Add to cart
PCMOVA 2 – 1 PC, S-Paramics
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PCMOVA 2 – 1 PC, VISSIM & S-Paramics
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Training Course Schedule

MOVA M8 Update Course (2-Day)
9th - 10th February 2021 at Crowthorne
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MOVA Engineers Course (2-Day)
3rd - 4th March 2021 at Crowthorne
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