Road Danger Reduction

Our market-leading software solutions and expertise supports research, recommendations and advice on road danger reduction factors. We provide the software platform, critical insight and data that contribute to commercial and government sector mobility and transport projects and inform public safety decision-making and legislation. Our software solutions like iMAAP helps clients implement large-scale strategic planning initiatives using the Safe System approach to road safety audit, education, campaigns and training.

Keeping transport users and workers safe as they use any mobility network or means of travel is of paramount importance. TRL’s strategic, evidence-led approach provides a trustworthy foundation for planning and design.

Our clients come to us for technical assistance, reassurance, guidance and solutions to optimise the safety of their users and citizens.

Reducing road danger for transport

At TRL we have an exceptional track record working with international clients to build transport safety policies that will govern future development. We help organisations and governments meet and exceed safety targets. We continually work with the latest technologies and innovation, delivering research that helps clients meet future transport challenges – globally, regionally, nationally and locally.

Wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary expertise

TRL’s renowned experts have a range of skill sets that mean we can meet highly specialised transport safety project requirements with deep knowledge and direct experience. We are proud of our ability to add value beyond expectation, because we can draw on so many complementary capabilities, providing comprehensive and innovative approaches and recommendations for transport safety.

Proven software solutions and research methodologies

Rigorous measurement, assessment and modelling are all critical in transport safety management. We use market-leading software solutions like iMAAP and techniques alongside our knowledge and expertise to deliver robust and compliant insight. Governments and commercial organisations entrust us with quality assurance, investment plans, policy and regulation reviews, applied research, economic analysis, target-setting and forecasting. We are an iRAP Centre of Excellence.

From research and validation to deployment

The TRL team provides research and consultancy that helps clients find practical solutions to difficult and vitally important road safety challenges. We go beyond research to apply the results to project planning and implementation. We work alongside clients to understand commercial pressures and behavioural factors as well as assessing technical performance, so we can identify and tackle the top priority issues for transport safety projects. Our work also supports the development of regulation and legislation that safeguards the public.

Case Study – A Client Implementation of iMAAP in India

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