Split Cycle and Offset Optimisation Technique

World famous adaptive urban traffic signal control system

Newly updated SCOOT® 7 software is a real-time method of signal control that puts the road users’ experience first and centre. Where traffic signals sit close together, coordinating adjacent signals can offer a dramatically improved experience. With new and improved features, SCOOT® 7 is the leading the way to improving network management.

Currently used in over 350 towns and cities globally, SCOOT® is an effective and efficient solution for controlling traffic on signalised road networks across the globe. By maximising the use of live data from vehicle detectors, SCOOT® quickly adjusts traffic signal settings to reduce vehicle delays. SCOOT® responds rapidly to changes in traffic, but not so rapidly that it is unstable; it avoids large fluctuations in control behaviour as a result of temporary changes in traffic patterns.

Alongside our UTC, our demand responsive SCOOT® kernel eliminates the need for you to control your network with complex signals plan based on traffic data which becomes outdated as soon as it is collected and analysed. This outmoded way of producing signal plans is not only heavily time-consuming, but also produces plans with corroding efficiency.

Coordinating the operation of traffic signals in an area to provide good progression of vehicles through a network ensures road users’ time is optimised. By responding intelligently and continuously as traffic flows change and fluctuate throughout the day, SCOOT® also removes the dependence on costly, less sophisticated signal plans. Other benefits of using SCOOT® 7 include:

  • Customised congestion management
  • Typical delay reductions of 15%
  • Maximised network efficiency
  • Flexible communications architecture
  • Public transport priority
  • Vehicle emissions estimation
  • Comprehensive traffic information
  • Pedestrian priority

Efficiency at its Core

There are very few people that use the road network for pleasure alone. Most journeys have a destination in mind, whether that is commuting or pleasure. If the purpose of our roads is to get from A to B as efficiently as possible, it makes sense for our networks to be built around efficiency. Whilst having the correct infrastructure in place is instrumental to this, efficiency can be directly improved or eroded by the software controlling our network. Optimising traffic signal management plans using responsive software that engages with real-time to live traffic data ensures efficiency is kept high and road users keep moving.

As our roads evolve, it is vital that we keep in mind that the modes of transport are evolving too. The levels of bikes and scooters on our networks increase, and we are starting to see the introduction of CAVs (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) with live trials happening in the UK right now. However, keeping an eye on the future cannot be at the detriment of controlling networks now. At TRL Software, we provide the power to optimise network management today; but ensure there is still a roadmap for a smarter mobility future. A Traffic Management System that evolves alongside your network, scaling to fit your needs and ensuring you have complete control.


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