TRL’s Web-Based Accident Analysis Software System

iMAAP is the new generation MAAP – a software product TRL has been supplying both in the UK and worldwide since the 1980’s and the most widely used off-the-shelf crash data system across the world. MAAP has undergone a complete review and the result is a brand new version which provides a better fit with today’s technological environments, offering additional capabilities required by the professionals who use it.

Why iMAAP?

In order to develop effective, evidence-based approaches to reduce the problem of road injuries, crash data sets are vital. iMAAP provides the latest techniques in crash data storage, analysis and reporting. Its tools for identifying and analysing causes of crashes, and for isolating common features, are sophisticated yet simple enough to use to provide a high level of productivity.

Using iMAAP will enable road safety professionals to:

  • Identify problems based on in-depth analyses of accident data
  • Establish safety goals based on identified problems, which are measurable, realistic and time specific
  • Plan programmes of counter-measures, associated costs and timelines
  • Implement and monitor programmes and to periodically check progress so measures can be modified as required
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all interventions implemented
  • Monitor and address accident trends

Key features of iMAAP

iMAAP is built on new generation technologies and is designed to plug quickly and efficiently into a number of existing client IT environments. Uniform, intuitive and user-friendly screens make it easy to master. Key features include:

  • High-performance, secure web-application fully supported by road safety specialists
  • True multi-user, multi-department role-based access for Federal / National level deployments
  • Easy linkage to other data sources such as driver licence, vehicle registration, road information, asset management and health injury databases
  • Linkage to a variety of database platforms, such as SQL Server, SQL Server Express, PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • GIS functionality which works directly with a range of proprietary and internet mapping formats
  • Configurable access to sensitive data for specific users/departments
  • Simplified Stick Diagram analysis and custom accident prediction capabilities through SafeNet module
  • Full audit trail on all functions
  • Enhanced security protocols and standards
  • Storage of associated photos and media files
  • Also available in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode
  • Multi-language capability
  • Compliant with International and Regional Cloud Security compliance laws and regulations including G-Cloud UK Government Standards, Cyber Essentials Plus Cyber Threat Protection [UK], MeitY India and ISO 27001

iMAAP Fatals

iMAAP Fatals Database is a secure and bespoke in-depth collision investigation platform which supports a safe systems-based approach to road safety analysis. Find out more about it here.

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System Requirements:

Runs in any web browser and popular mobile devices (iOS, Android)

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