Infrastructure Asset Management System

iROADS™ is a sophisticated asset management and decision making tool for all infrastructure assets, delivering a single solution software tool for asset owners and operators.

The iROADS asset management system is a suite of software “toolkits” (Pavement, Lifecycle, Asset, Risk and Operation & Maintenance) with the Asset Register at its heart. The Asset Register provides the central data repository for all asset inventory and condition data held against a defined network. The system is completed with the addition of iCAPTURE, on-site software providing a flexible solution for both in and out of the office.

The iROADS Infrastructure Asset Management System has the potential to bring about significant benefits in terms of efficiency and effective service delivery. By enabling the implementation and operation of a comprehensive and effective management process, iROADS allows asset owners and operators realise benefits and savings through better management of road and infrastructure networks and helps to make a business case for appropriate levels of investment in the longer term. Its flexibility allows it to be deployed anywhere in the world, for use with varied survey types, survey machines and integration with HDM-4.

iROADS maximises the value of your asset management data and brings improved:

  • Performance and performance monitoring
  • Understanding of asset stock and condition and performance of those assets
  • Forward planning
  • Risk management and safety
  • More informed decision making and allocation of spend


  • Enhanced value realised from data and data utilisation
  • Evidence based development of policy
  • More transparent decision making
  • Reduced whole-life cost
  • Reduction of risk and better defence of policy and decision making
  • Ability to create business cases from data collection

System Requirements:

Runs in any web browser