TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) is a global centre for innovation in transport and mobility. We provide world-leading research, technology and software solutions for surface transport modes and related markets engaged in intelligent, new mobility innovations.

Independent from government, industry and academia, TRL helps organisations create global transport systems that are safe, clean, affordable, liveable and efficient.

Established in 1933 within the British Government as the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, TRL was subsequently privatised in 1996. Today, TRL has more than 1,000 clients across 145 countries, driving positive societal and economic benefit worldwide.

Core areas of expertise include: infrastructure asset management & asset technologies; intelligent transport systems & traffic operations; sustainability & healthy mobility; vehicle safety engineering & technology research; major incident investigations; human factors safety & behavioural science.

TRL is strategically investing, producing disruptive research and delivering innovation linked to:

  • Connected & self-driving vehicles
  • Ultra-low emission technologies
  • Shared mobility services
  • Intelligent asset information
  • Big data, machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Headquartered in the UK, nearly 1/3rd of TRL’s business is with overseas organisations. Its international focus covers Europe, India, Africa & Middle East, plus wider Commonwealth countries, supported by strategic collaborations in North America and Asia Pacific.

Much of our research leads to the development of innovative software solutions, covering transport issues at all scales both in the UK and internationally. It forms the basis of our tag line – Delivering Transport Science through Software.

We develop powerful software that is based on solid, proven research, yet is easy and practical to use. At the same time as we are continually developing new software based on cutting-edge research, well-established products such as ARCADY, PICADY, PERS, TRANSYT, iMAAP, SCOOT and MOVA are used by hundreds of authorities, consultants and engineers around the world.

We not only undertake the internal development of software for TRL projects but are able to provide our development services as part of a consultancy service to clients ranging from local and national governments to blue chip international organisations. Our software case studies illustrate work we have recently undertaken for various clients.

For examples of current work we are undertaking, please see our news section or browse the rest of the site for more in-depth examples of our work. We would like to hear from you regarding any aspects of our work, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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