Modelling and analysis of roundabouts, priority junction and signalised junctions

Junctions 9 is the latest version of TRL’s industry-standard package for modelling roundabouts, priority junctions and simple signalised junctions.

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Junctions 9 consists of ARCADY 9 (the Roundabout Module), PICADY 9 (the Priority Intersection Module), and OSCADY 9 (the Signalised Intersection Module), each of which is sold and licensed separately. All three modules use a shared user interface.

Based on over three decades of research and development, the ARCADY module is used to model and predict capacity, queues and delays at roundabouts.

Roundabouts are modelled using the well-established TRL/Kimber capacity relationships (the ARCADY Model), which take into account key roundabout geometries and intrinsically link roundabout geometry to driver behaviour and, in turn, to predict capacities, queues and delays. North American users also have the option of using the HCM 2010 model to analyse roundabout designs.

PICADY is used for modelling priority-controlled junctions, such as crossroads and T-junctions. PICADY 9 sees the implementation of additional models applicable to North America and allows users to setup and model Two-Way Stop Controlled (TWSC) and All-Way Stop Controlled (AWSC) intersections.

The OSCADY module available in Junctions 9.5 onwards, is used to model signalised junctions and can generate optimised signal timings that minimise delay at the junction. Signals data can be copied from OSCADY 9 into TRANSYT and vice versa, so that files started in OSCADY 9 can be transferred into TRANSYT if more advanced functionality is required.

The Lane Simulation tool can be used to model junctions in a different way using a simple simulation method. This can model effects that may be difficult to model otherwise such as; unequal lane usage at roundabouts, blocking back between linked junctions, circulating lanes at roundabouts and partially signalised junctions.

If using traffic survey information in Excel spreadsheet format, Junctions 9 can be set up to read data directly from spreadsheets. This feature works across demand sets and time segments, can apply to turning counts and Heavy Vehicle information and is a great way of reducing data entry requirements.

Current Version: 9.5.1 Version History

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or above

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