Support Options

If you purchase Junctions (including ARCADY, PICADY and OSCADY), TRANSYT, streetaudit or PCMOVA, you will automatically receive a free maintenance agreement package for the first year.  This is renewed annually thereafter.

A maintenance agreement offers the following advantages:

  • Telephone/email/website support for advice covering all aspects of the software – including installation help and guidance on how to optimise use of the software. You will  receive priority assistance with the reporting and resolving of bugs or other problems with the software.
  • Supply of new releases (minor updates/modifications/improvements) to the version of the software for which you have support.  Each product is updated and re-released from time to time, typically including fixes to any bugs that have been reported and various minor improvements.  As a maintenance holder you will be able to download the update from our website free of charge.
  • Corrections to major faults will be supplied as soon as possible
  • Discounts on purchases of upgrades of existing licences to new versions of software packages.

If you do not currently have a maintenance agreement but would like to purchase one, please contact us.