Economic Appraisal

TRL has been a part of the HDM Global Consortium funded by the World Road Association for the development and advice into the product and are looking forward to our increased involvement through the onward sales to transport professionals.

We believe in taking our 85 years of research through into products in order to bring world-class software to the professional transport practitioners. Adding HDM-4 to the portfolio of software available from us delivers on this belief once again.

HDM-4 is a software package and associated documentation which will serve as the primary tool for the analysis, planning, management and appraisal of road maintenance, improvements and investment decisions. HDM-4 Version 2  Provides a powerful system for:

  • road management
  • programming road works
  • estimating funding requirements
  • budget allocations
  • predicting road network performance
  • project appraisal
  • policy impact studies