Digital Roads Asset Management

Safeguarding the future of our roads.

iROADS helps you look after the road network so that people’s journeys are safer, cleaner and more reliable. A sophisticated asset management and decision-making platform for all infrastructure assets, delivering a single, extensible solution for asset owners and operators.

Unlock the Potential of your Assets

The iROADS asset management system is a suite of software “toolkits” with the Asset Register at its heart. TRL Software has more than 40 years’ experience and expertise helping safeguard and manage substantial asset inventories for public sector and commercial transport customers. We understand how your systems have evolved, how to use asset data, as well as external data sources, to inform network management decisions and the challenges of providing one version of the truth. Find out more about the capabilities of iROADS and how you can use digitisation to support and safeguard one of the most important national assets.

Digital Twin

The iROADS Digital Road Asset Management Platform empowers you tcreate comprehensive digital twin models of your road network. It enables you to create a digital representation of your roads, giving you previously inaccessible insights to help you maintain, operate and improve safe, clean digital roads. With the digital twin of your road network enabled, you open the potential to track the past and predict the future as we move to future-enabled mobility.

iROADS maximises the value of your asset management data and brings improved:

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Connect to any data assets, including IoT devices, via IoT and business systems using iROADS Digital twin hub.

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Output to Time Series Insights, storage and analytics using event routes to downstream services, including predictive modelling.

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The Digital Twins Definition Language enables creation of custom domain models for any connected environment.

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Bring your digital roads to live with graph representation in a live execution environment.

Integrating Ontology

As a representation of everything that exists and how these things interact, ontologies are incredibly powerful. Implemented with a Digital Asset Management system, it has the power to combine multiple data sources under one unifying language.

Integrating ontology with iROADS, starts to break down barriers and silos, unlocking the value of your data and assets. Start talking the same language, and you start releasing the potential.

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Improve efficiency

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Improve the quality of data

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Reduce duplication of effort

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Save time and money

Empowering and Connecting People

Good asset management is about more than fixing a road. It’s about managing a vast portfolio of assets, understanding what customers need and using bridges, roads, drainage, technology, data and even people to deliver the optimum service effectively. Unlocking the potential of asset management is about empowering and connecting, not only the people using the road network but the people managing it too. With iROADS Digital Asset Management System, you can get the information to the people who need it most.

iROADS Features and Benefits

The iROADS Digital Asset Management Platform has the potential to bring about significant benefits in terms of efficiency and effective service delivery. By enabling the implementation and operation of a comprehensive and effective management process, iROADS allows asset owners and operators realise benefits and savings through better management of road and infrastructure networks and helps to make a business case for appropriate levels of investment in the longer term. This all starts with treating data as the “new” asset type in iROADS.