Junctions 10

Getting started with Junctions 10

You are not automatically assigned a licence when you purchase Junctions 10, and you will need to assign yourself and/or others a licence before you, or they, can start using Junctions 10.

To assign a licence, you can follow the easy steps below to get you up and running with Junctions 10 for the first time.

Assigning yourself a Licence

To view a video on how to assign a licence, please click here, otherwise follow these steps:

If you are an Orgadmin then you will have the ability to assign licences to yourself and/or other users in the organisation. If you are not, then simply contact your Orgadmin in order to get them to assign you a licence.  

In order to assign a licence, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Log into the Junctions Collaboration Portal – – and navigate to the ‘Users’ page. 
  2. Locate the user you wish to assign a licence to and click on the ‘Update Licence’ button for that user. It is in the actions column. You can do this for yourself as well, just look for your name.  
  3. A popup will appear called ‘Update Licence’ and you will notice a text box under Licence Permissions 
  4. This is where you can assign the user a licence (if one is available) to use J10. 
  5. Simply click in the text box and select from the drop down ‘JUNCTIONS 10 – ALL MODULES’. 
  6. Click Save 

A licence will now be assigned to that user, or yourself, and they can now start up Junctions 10 and use their username and password to activate Junctions 10. 

Downloading the latest version of Junctions 10

The latest version of Junctions 10 can be found in the Downloads section inside the Junctions Collaboration portal.

Junctions 10 only runs in Demo mode even though I have a Licence

This problem arises if a user starts up Junctions 10 before assigning themselves a licence and it starts in Demo Mode. If you subsequently assign yourself a licence or get one assigned, you need to refresh the licence information for the desktop application. You can follow these steps achieve this:

  1. Start Junctions 10 in Demo mode
  2. Sign out of Junctions by navigating to Help -> Sign out.
  3. A new popup will appear asking you to Login. Click Login
  4. Supply your username and password and click Login
  5. The system will now refresh the licence and you should have full access to Junctions 10.

My "Choose Password" link is no longer active

If you have clicked on the Choose Password link in your welcome email and it is no longer active, or you need any assistance with resetting your password, please contact TRL Support at [email protected].

I need more help!

A comprehensive user guide is included with every installation of Junctions 10. A help section is also available inside the Junctions Collaboration Portal. If you still require assistance, you can contact us at [email protected] log a support ticket using the Help button inside the Junctions Collaboration Portal, or use the Chat functionality that is available inside the portal.   

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