Welcome to Intertraffic 2022.

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Transport is undergoing a massive transformation. More than ever, traffic on our roads is becoming multi-modal as we stand on the threshold of the next mobility revolution. We can see the growing demand for methods of transport that are more environmentally friendly, whether that’s public transport, walking or cycling. Working with those at the Smart Mobility Living Lab, we can also see the impact that Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) will have on our roads. All of this means ensuring road users have a safe, comfortable and efficient journey on our ever-changing networks is becoming more and more complex for Local Authorities.

As the original developers of SCOOT®, we are building on a heritage of proven technology to let Local Authorities take back control of their network, all the while ensuring a smooth journey towards future mobility. We have thrown out previous UTC thinking to build an innovative SaaS platform that works for the user, enabling the power to unlock data and orchestrate networks.

Previously, with outdated systems and hard to read interfaces, getting any information from a network was difficult and needed highly skilled individuals. With its modern, intuitive and informative web UI, our UTC gives everything a Local Authority needs in one place. Easy to read dashboards and graphical displays make visualising data simple, and can be accessed anywhere on any device runs web browser. Whether on the road or in the office, users now have quick and easy visuals, enabling immediate updates to the system.

User Experience Awards

The user is at the heart of our UTC, and to recognise that we have entered our UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7® into the Intertraffic User Experience Award. You can read more about the nominations here.

We have combined data and our deep expertise to produce a next-generation traffic control system to meet today’s transport challenges and maximise the value from existing infrastructure. All the while keeping our system open, ensuring users can move with future mobility.

Smarter cities, what comes next?

With the pace of technological advance ever-increasing, data becoming more readily available, seemingly everything becoming ‘smart’ there needs to be a clear and demonstrable return, even more so in the domain of traffic management, be that urban, interurban and rural. In this presentation, TRL Chief Technologist, will be talking about where we, TRL Software, see the future of connected, autonomous, adaptive and coordinated traffic control heading, what we are doing to enable this and how you can be part of the journey. Join us!